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Transferring a domain name to us is a simple thing to do.

  • At your current domain name registrar, request a domain name password / EPP password or UDAI code. This is some kind of authorization code that the system needs to enable you to move the domain name. These code do expire and you may need to generate a new code from your current registrar account.
    For example .nz domain names have a UDAI code, these codes last for 30 days before they expire and will need to be re-generated. You can check if a UDAI code for .nz domain names is valid by going to: and entering your details.
  • Once you have your domain name you want to transfer in, a valid UDAI code and your payment method, log in to your KiwiDomains account and you can click the transfer domain link to initiate the domain transfer into your KiwiDomains account.
  • Follow the on screen instructions and complete the checkout to initiate the transfer process.


Important notes:

  • When transferring a domain name to KiwiDomains, due to system limitations, you will need to renew the domain name by 1 year.
  • It is possible to transfer some expired domain names to us, this depends on the TLD and also depends on how log the domain name has been expired for, during the transfer process you will need to renew the domain name.
  • Transferring a domain name to us is usually instant but can take up to 24 hours to complete but some TLD's will take longer and may need the current registrant to accept to the transfer to do this you need to accept the transfer by clicking a link in an email that maybe sent to the current registrant. Check your email and spam folder for this.
  • Nameserver and DNS records should go unchanged when moving domain names and you shouldn't experience any website or email downtime.


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