KiwiDomains - Into Existence

  • Wednesday, 20th January, 2021
  • 15:06pm

In January 2021 KiwiDomains has been setup on the well known industry standard WHMCS system.

WHMCS features automated signups for web hosting customers, automatic invoicing and payment processing in multiple currencies, account provisioning, domain registration and management, as well as a fully featured web ticketing and support system for end users.

Initially we will be using WHMCS for provisioning domain names only, we are not a hosting provider and at the moment we are only selling domain names. This may change in the future.

Why KiwiDomains?

The reason we wanted to setup KiwiDomains is because there are only a few places where people can register .nz domain names and these existing websites are offering domain names at expensive prices compared to the wholesale price.

Every commercial website needs to make money to pay for hosting, staff, offices, business costs like filing taxes and an accountant, innovation and many other things but if the wholesale price of a .nz domain name is $18 NZD a year (or $1.50 / month), to charge $10 and more seems expensive to me, especially if you have a number of domain names, this $10 per domain soon adds up.

From our research we have found many .nz domain name registrars charge even more than $30 NZD / year. We want to be selling domain names as cheaply as we can, so in January 2021 we are selling them for $20 NZD + GST as an introductory rate.

Another interesting and amazing point is that the .uk name space charge £3.90 + £0.78 VAT = £4.68 / year which is approximately $9.36 NZD depending on the exchange rate at the time. This is more than half the domain cost of a .nz domain name.

Loyalty does not pay

Loyalty does not pay, do not stay with the same domain registrar, you are probably getting ripped off or paying more than you should be, especially since the New Zealand Domain Name Commission designed their system with a simple UDAI (also known as a EPP Password or Domain Password) code that will easily enable you to pick and choose which registrar you want to transfer your domain names to. Its simple, log into your current registrar and click the button to generate a new UDAI / EPP Password (or sometimes you may need to email support who will email you a UDAI code for the domain).

Once you have the UDAI code, you can move your domain name to a new registrar by clicking the "Transfer Domain Name" link and follow the on screen instructions. You may need to renew the domain name for another year when transferring it to a new registrar.

There are some limitations, for example a new domain name needs to be more than 5 days old before you can move it to a new registrar.


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